February Project of the Month: Design Your Own Board Game

Welcome to the first of hopefully MANY monthly projects! This month the kids will be designing their own board games!

You can make your own boards and pieces or I will add below, the links to some places to purchase blank boards (some will even print them for you, which is fine as long as the children have done the actual artwork and design of it).

The kids can absolutely use existing board games as inspiration, but no copying an already existing game. This is supposed to be your own creation.

Some things to consider when creating:

1. What is the concept/object of the game. Is there a story line? A goal you have to meet?

2. What are the rules of the game.

3. How many players can this game have? Can you work in teams?

4. Is this a competitive game or a cooperative game?

5. Is it an educational game? Do you want people to learn something when whey play your game? if so, What?

6. What kinds of pieces will you need? (dice, cards, spinners, player pieces?)

7. How big is your game board?

8. Make sure to test your game many times during your design! Can it be won? Is it too easy/difficult to complete?

9. Give your game a name!



When you (kids) have finished your game, have someone take a video of you demonstrating the game, showing/telling people how the game is played and post it on the Homeschool Project of the Month Club Facebook Page as a comment to the video for this months project and, if you want, as a separate post in the group, so everybody can see what you came up with.

It is in no way necessary, but, of course we would love for you to subscribe to our youtube channel and follow our facebook page: Learning From Life: A Homeschool Family Adventure.

Please do NOT share the photos or videos of anybody else in the group without their permission. Throughout the month of March we may ask permission to feature your game on our blog and/or youtube channel.

Please DO share the Homeschool Project of the Month Club facebook group with your friends, family, acquaintances and strangers and

Please DO share our Learning From Life facebook page, blog and Youtube channel with the afore mentioned friends, family, acquaintances and strangers.

And finally….

HAVE FUN! We can’t wait to share with you and see what you share with the rest of us!

As promised, here are some links to blank board games and board game accessories for those who are interested. Some companies will even print your board game for you after you’ve designed it!





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