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After a rough day yesterday, we had an amazing day at Legoland Discovery Center in Somerville, MA. One of the great advantages of homeschooling is no only a lack of crowds but some amazing opportunities open only to homeschoolers. Legoland blocked out an entire week that gives homeschoolers. We purchased 3 tickets (Emma, being under the age of 3 was free) plus the cool Lego collectible stamp book for $14 per person (I got 3 booklets, one for each of the kids).



You can see Abigail wearing her lanyard here. And yes, they get to keep them!

You can see Abigail wearing her lanyard here. And yes, they get to keep them!

You start out in this cool room with a sort of factory tour and you get to use these joysticks to create different lego guys. I couldn’t really get my joy stick to work, but I was also focused on Emily running all over the place. Though Abigail tells me hers didn’t work well either.

There was a fun ride for the kids to go on where we rode around in a cart and hit lego skeletons, monsters, bats and spiders with lasers and it even kept score to see who got more points at the end. Check out our ride!



Enter Miniland: this place is cool and filled with lego replicas of popular Boston sites:







And yes, it changed from day to night which was really cool to see all the little lights come on and you could even peek in a few windows!


In addition to the discount they had special workshops available just for homeschoolers. The kids learned about gears and they got to create a storyboard using legos!

fitzgerald_160928-5860 fitzgerald_160928-5879   fitzgerald_160928-5876  fitzgerald_160928-5871 fitzgerald_160928-5870  fitzgerald_160928-5865 fitzgerald_160928-5864 fitzgerald_160928-5863 fitzgerald_160928-5862 fitzgerald_160928-5861


Here’s some shots of their storyboards:


fitzgerald_160928-5888   fitzgerald_160928-5892    fitzgerald_160928-5891   fitzgerald_160928-5893


Emma was just having fun counting the apples, fish and bananas.

They had some really cool short 4-D movies. If I had to guess I’d say they were about 10 minutes long. I obviously can’t show you photos but we saw 2 of them and the whole family (including the 2 year old) loved them. Here’s the kids getting ready for our first 4-D experience!


Here we are getting ready for the indoor wizard ride! I was a bit nervous and tried to send Emily on with Caleb but since he was under 18 the ride operator said I had to go on with her. It was actually really fun! It goes around and as you pedal with your feet the ride goes up and if you stop it goes down!


fitzgerald_160928-5853 fitzgerald_160928-5854 fitzgerald_160928-5857 fitzgerald_160928-5858














See what I mean?

In addition to all this, there is a play area with big foam legos:


A Lego play house:

fitzgerald_160928-5803 fitzgerald_160928-5806 fitzgerald_160928-5811 fitzgerald_160928-5815 fitzgerald_160928-5813

Lego sculptures EVERYWHERE!

fitzgerald_160928-5833 fitzgerald_160928-5830 fitzgerald_160928-5809

A earthquake building and car design area:

fitzgerald_160928-5827 fitzgerald_160928-5823 fitzgerald_160928-5822 fitzgerald_160928-5820



The coolest bathroom I think I have ever seen!

fitzgerald_160928-5836 fitzgerald_160928-5837

Now my kids want to visit every Legoland there is. This will definitely be on our to do list next year! If we’re near one that is. They have 10 locations through out the world in Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK and 6 locations in the US.

In looking up their locations I’ve just discovered that they also have 5 Legoland Parks which appear to be outdoor theme parks that we definitely want to check out! In the US there is one in Florida and one in California.

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